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Railroad Accidents

Unsafe Signs Cause Tragic RR Crossing Accidents

When a train hits a car, everyone in the car is seriously injured or dead. Railroad crossing accidents are always tragic. Those injured and the families of those that died need to know how this happened and they need compensation for their losses.

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It is difficult after an accident to think about legal matters, but it is important to begin an immediate investigation before the accident scene changes. At the law offices of Robert Montgomery, Attorney at Law, we have the resources and capabilities to investigate railroad accidents.

  • Determining the cause: Railroad crossing accidents may be caused by improper signage, a crossing gate that fails to work, sight lines that are obscured by foliage or other obstructions. The train may have been going too fast for that crossing.
  • Finding the evidence: Our investigators obtain speed tapes from the engineer. We investigate the lines of sight — and assure that no one has made changes after the accident to confuse investigators. If there have been other train crash accidents at that site, we will examine the evidence from those.
  • Holding railroads accountable: The first line of defense for the railroad is to blame the victims. At our law firm, our personal injury lawyers do a careful investigation to get to the truth and hold the railroads accountable for the accidents they cause by placing improper signs, by failing to fix broken crossing gates. You need to know the truth — and you need appropriate compensation.

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There is someone who will protect your rights and investigate the railroad accidents. Contact a personal injury attorney for a free consultation. Our law firm serves clients in Lake County, all of northwestern Indiana and in the Chicago area.

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