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Indiana/Illinois Medical Malpractice

Will Doctors and Hospitals Admit Mistakes?

Doctors, hospitals and other health care providers do not like to take responsibility for their mistakes. Medical malpractice cases are hard fought. It is important to have a lawyer who has the investigation and trial experience to deal with tough medical malpractice cases.

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At the law firm of Robert Montgomery, Attorney at Law, we have the experience necessary for even the toughest cases. Attorney Robert Montgomery has taken more than 200 cases to a jury trial. He is comfortable and effective in a courtroom.

  • Expert consultants and witnesses: Our law firm has a network of medical experts we can call on to review medical records and provide expert opinions concerning the accepted standards of care.
  • Failure to diagnose: A failure to diagnose cancer and other illnesses can mean losing valuable time for treatment. Treating cancer or any illness is far more effective in the early stages of disease. If failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis has caused harm to you or a loved one, contact an attorney.
  • Surgical errors: If a surgeon operates on the wrong patient or performs the wrong surgery on the right patient (removing the wrong leg, for example), the patient should receive compensation for medical malpractice. Surgeons may also leave clamps, sponges and other foreign objects in a surgical wound.
  • Birth injuries: A failure to heed warnings and take action can cause birth injuries that a child carries for life.

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At the Robert Montgomery, Attorney at Law, firm, our attorneys know and protect the rights of those injured because of medical malpractice. Contact us for a free consultation. We represent clients in Lake County, northwestern Indiana and in the Chicago area.

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