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Nursing Home Neglect

Elderly People Have the Right to Dignity and Care

When nursing homes place emphasis on profits rather than meeting their obligations to residents, the result can be injuries that lead to wrongful death. If you suspect that a loved one is the victim of nursing home neglect, discuss your concerns with an experienced attorney.

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There are many reasons for nursing home neglect. There may not be adequate staff to look after the needs of all the residents. The staff may be poorly trained or poorly screened before hiring. Added to that are vulnerable residents who are often afraid or unable to report nursing home neglect.

The personal injury attorneys at the law firm of Robert Montgomery, Attorney at Law, have the resources and experience to handle nursing home neglect cases.

  • Falls leading to death: In a nursing home, falls can lead to fractured hips, other bone fractures and death within 30 days. Falls can be caused by improper transfers from bed to chair or to the toilet. Or they may be the result of residents getting up after being unable to get attention from call lights or alarms.
  • Elopement or wandering off: When security is poor, nursing home residents may wander off outdoors. They can be endangered by falls, by exposure or by a pedestrian accident.
  • Bed sores: When someone is confined to bed for extended periods of time, bed sores are almost inevitable. But when bed sores are ignored and untreated, they can turn into life-threatening, painful infections.

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