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Indiana/Illinois Car Accidents

After a Car Accident, You Need Justice

The first thing you need to do after a car accident is get the medical treatment you need. There are a lot of other matters to deal with, but medical care is the most important — and something no one else can do for you. When it comes to making sure you get fair treatment from an insurance company, however, a personal injury attorney can help.

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At the law offices of Robert Montgomery, Attorney at Law, in Lake County, Indiana, we have been helping car accident victims since 1974. We know that you need full and fair compensation for your injuries.

  • Making a claim: Insurance companies are in business to make money. Even with lower limits on many policies, they still try to settle for less than the policy limits and less than you need for recovery. We know how to make effective claims for car and truck accident injuries.
  • Investigating the accident: To protect and assure full and fair value for your claim, we have investigators who are experts at determining all the causes of an accident. The more we know about a car crash, a drunk driving accident or an SUV rollover accident, the more effective our claim on your behalf will be.
  • Going to trial: If we cannot get a fair settlement, we are willing and able to take the case to trial. We have completed more than 200 jury trials, far more than most attorneys, because we take cases as far as necessary to assure fairness.

For more information, see our Motor Vehicle Accidents Information Center.

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There is no cost to come in and talk to a personal injury lawyer at Robert Montgomery, Attorney at Law. Contact our law firm and let us handle your car accident insurance claim.

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