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Indiana and Illinois Dangerous Roads

Defective Roads Cause Serious Injuries

Dangerous roads are often the cause of an accident — or a dangerous road may be a contributing cause of an accident. Poor signage, poorly maintained road shoulders, unmarked potholes and other defects can make a road dangerous.

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If you think a dangerous road might have caused your accident, contact an attorney who has experience with personal injuries caused by defective roads, sidewalks, highways and expressways. Ask for a free consultation at the law offices of Robert Montgomery, Attorney at Law. Tell us your story.

On a dark road under construction, the lanes were hard to distinguish. The road was poorly marked. A motorcycle hit a pothole. The driver went over the handlebars, injured his spine and is now paraplegic.

  • Finding the problem: At our law firm, we carefully investigate accidents to determine the cause. An accident that might be blamed on the victim often turns out to be an accident caused by poor maintenance or poor signage. A defective sidewalk, a sudden lane change or markers for road construction can cause serious accidents.
  • Making the claim: Road defects can be the fault of government entities, their contractors or both. Personal injury claims must be made in a timely manner with all relevant information. An experienced personal injury lawyer can handle the process efficiently and effectively.
  • Taking the matter to court: If the suggested settlement is not fair, a lawsuit may be the best option. At our law firm, we have taken more than 200 personal injury cases to jury trial. We know how to prepare and present convincing cases.

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Tell us your story in a free consultation. We have been helping injured people in Lake County and northwestern Indiana and in the Chicago area since 1974. Contact our law firm to talk to an experienced trial and personal injury lawyer.

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