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Industrial/Plant Accidents

Serious Accidents in Unsafe Workplaces

At a steel plant or in any other industrial environment, a failure to follow safety rules, use of broken and unsafe equipment, and carelessness by suppliers can cause serious injuries and wrongful death. If you or a loved one has been injured in an industrial accident, discuss the case with an attorney experienced in industrial accident claims.

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In the heavily industrial area between Gary, Indiana, and Chicago, Illinois, there are many accidents in steel plants, warehouses and factories. Workers' compensation pays some benefits, but in many cases, more compensation is needed. If the accident was caused by an entity other than your employer, you may have an additional claim.

Your lawyer can explain your rights and help protect those rights. Contact the law firm of Robert Montgomery, Attorney at Law, in Lake County, Indiana.

  • Helping the worker: After an industrial accident, employers, subcontractors and suppliers are quick to protect themselves. Workers — general laborers, steel workers, ironworkers, millwrights — are left to try to figure out their rights. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help.
  • Investigating the accident: Our law firm has the resources to begin an immediate investigation into industrial accidents. We interview other workers and collect and preserve physical evidence.
  • Dealing with unsafe workplaces: When a platform falls, when a steel line is severed, when a delivery truck backs over a worker, when accidents happen on a loading dock, when machinery does not have proper safeguards, workers can suffer severe injuries and wrongful death. We know how to investigate and how to litigate.

Start with an initial no-fee consultation.

It does not cost you anything to discuss your industrial accident with an experienced personal injury attorney. Contact our law firm for a free consultation. There are no attorneys fees unless we collect compensation for you.

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