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Indiana and Illinois Construction Accidents

Dangerous Falls and Other Construction Accidents

Construction site accidents occur far too often, and the injuries generally range from serious to fatal. As an employee, an injured worker is entitled to workers' compensation, but that is not sufficient compensation for most serious construction accidents. Tell the story of your accident or your loved one's accident to an experienced personal injury attorney.

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In one construction accident after another, our law firm has found that injured workers have additional claims that can be made against other companies on the site. The general contractor, another subcontractor or a materials or service supplier may have caused the accident.

At the law offices of Robert Montgomery, Attorney at Law, you will find personal injury lawyers with the experience it takes to handle complex, serious construction accident injuries. From our main office in Lake County, Indiana, we represent clients in northwestern Indiana and the Chicago area.

  • Investigating falls and other accidents: Most construction accidents are caused by falls — from scaffolds, platforms, or beams. Others are caused by trucks backing over people, construction debris, temporary wiring, trenching cave-ins, defective equipment and other conditions.
  • Finding all the causes: It is important to begin a construction accident investigation as soon as possible, before the evidence has been destroyed and the site has changed. A major cause of construction accidents is negligence, a failure to follow safety rules, policies and procedures. Experienced investigators talk to witnesses, take photos of the accident scene and secure the evidence. Our attorneys draw on a network of experts to review the evidence and determine any and all liable parties.
  • Seeking maximum compensation: Because construction accident injuries are so serious, often resulting in permanent disability or wrongful death, our law firm investigates carefully to get all the facts and fights hard to obtain maximum compensation.

For more information, see our Construction Accidents Information Center.

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Make sure you understand all of your rights. You may be entitled to far more than workers' compensation. The more serious the injuries, the more important it is to assure you are treated fairly and that you have the compensation you need. Contact our law firm for a free consultation. There will be no attorneys fees unless we recover compensation for you.

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